AAX​-​076 : Ameritheism

by Dante Augustus Scarlatti

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Ian VanDeventer
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Ian VanDeventer This album is a big bitch-slap to the face of the American political system. Dante attacks the issues with scathing ferocity and unforgiveness. Favorite track: Fed to the Lions.
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"Ameritheism" is a hyper-digital, scathing analysis of the facade that is religion and politics in the modern American climate. Each of the 13 tracks, in precise 60 second intervals, take on single topics of mass significance with lyrics designed to strike right at the core of American political failures. Utilizing only a single guitar, a single microphone and a computer, each song was crafted by feeding drum triggering software the individual instrument and vocals tracks to spit out an overwhelming wall of chaotic percussion beneath the dense compositions of epic punk/metal/grind intensity with soapbox-esque megaphone declarations at the forefront.


Released as a 5" CDr inside 50-page zine
AAX-076 | Limited Edition of 76 copies

More info: aurisapothecary.org/releases/aax-076-dante-augustus-scarlatti-ameritheism/


Music Video for "Fed to the Lions" : www.youtube.com/watch?v=PinoHcP_Z5U

Music Video for "91% Disapproval" : www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pz0fNKpvEg


released July 4, 2014

All music & words written, performed & recorded by (das)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ameritheism (Part I)
Behold! My fellow countrymen: I come to you not as a complacent citizen, but as a warrior in a crusade against the growing threat of Ameritheism. It is a plague upon our liberties; a poisoning effect which ignores the reality that a governing body whose sole purpose is security should not be swayed by a vocal minority.

This is an anthology of honesty, in stunning digital fidelity through prose from mine own hand to destroy divine authority for the coming cultural wars of black and white truths scratched out in greyscale; the beginning the of the end for those who stand for logic, and reason, and themselves.
Track Name: Blackout
How dare you presume to lay claim to the virtual sea as pirates with nothing but endless bags of silver and mercenaries? Calligraphic scrolls emblazoned with wax seals ordained in false authority, with language contained designed to engage and suppress a global mutiny.

We will blackout once more.

We are worldwide and we refuse to sit by and let you police this. The internet is open source and we are the coders of its cultural progress. Censor this and we will shut it down willingly.
Track Name: 91% Disapproval
Lobbying monetary empires throwing piles of illegal tender into the fires of those who claim to represent us, as fuel for writing laws to further oppress us, while we vote in favor of furthering their careers spent furthering their careers spent (as):

100 senators (with 2 per state to mis-delegate)
+ 435 representatives (from districts in a constant rate of regression)
+ ??? How many dollars spent in campaigns by the corporations?
= 9% of (313 million angry citizens + undeniable arithmetic odds) = totaling a 91% chance that congress, in its incumbent state of constant stagnation, should get fucked.
Track Name: Fed to the Lions
Campaigning with tithes against all who question;
The alleged "oppressed" using myth to breed oppression
The passing of metaphors for truths cast in stone unchanged by time as

Ignorant, irrational, Iron Age mythology shrouding your better judgment against irrefutable actualities

I propose a period of public persecutions (Amen)
Lions' dens with Christian limbs scattered in the dust throughout them (Hallelujah)
Televised and freely streamed for social distribution
As testaments to the ineffectiveness of faith in mysticism
Keep your bigotry to yourself as separation of church and state dictates.
Track Name: Cosmetic Poultgery
1940's - manufacture of herbicide 2-45T
1949 - explosion at the nitro plant in WV
1957 - dioxin is identified and the government gains interest
1960's - Agent Orange defoliates Vietnam, taking soldiers with it
1984 - typical lawsuit of $180 million rewarded in chump change
1996 - the year supermarkets turned to synthetics
2013 - nothing is labeled still

Thank you Monsanto for feeding the hungry your chemical mutations: a form of hybridized human pellets manufactured for maximized profits. A fattening process like cages of swine, troughs of slop flawed by design to destroy from the inside our tracts of GI with brightly colored packs of cyanide.

Have no fear! The FDA is here to determine the level we must adhere when selling to the world our poison-filled wares.

Insecticide creating super insects
Ammonia-bathed chicken injected for a bigger breast
Subsidized pink slime in children's lunches
Track Name: Drone Wars
Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!
NO! It's a government drone watching you and me
30,000 predicted in the skies by 2020
These are not lies

They are domestic surveillance in the name of fighting terrorist alliances composed of men in vests of holy light filled with explosives and yet half a world away we exist like a voyeur's helpless prey.

Welcome to the police state. The one that translates to you and I being watched by eyes mechanized to hummingbird size, flying the skies with legal disguises. Tracking our movements, recording our footprints, digitizing our entire lives to be categorized for future trials by illegal judgment.
Track Name: Natural Rejection
(Roughly) 4.5 billion years ago the Earth was formed from gases exploding and all life sprung forth from it. But how would we begin to know this?

1. By forming and testing hypotheses.
2. Constructing scientific theories.
3. Using observational data.
4. Performing experiments in the field and in the lab.

The scientific method proves all, not (un) "Intelligent Design." On the origin of the species modern science is dead on, not ancient texts by vagabonds with a penchant for lies and exaggerations.
Track Name: Economic Alchemy
Pecunia est potentia.(Money is power)

On a throne of gold, fortunes untold, created from illegal transactions and backroom deals in island mansions with titans of industry who keep on printing and printing without a single guarantee - sheets and sheets of paper green, bacteria-soaked and transferring between he and she because they were led to believe in this blasphemous symbol of idolatry featuring proudly the men who set us free from slavery and tyranny and other such oppressions but there was one common ground on which they all could agree: a central bank that is owned privately is susceptible to being controlled by greed, hyper-inflation, and debt spending at interest levels of absurdity.
Track Name: 1460 Days of Sodom(y)
How many verses blatantly state that a man and another man have no right to date, besides one in a book that was designed for Levites, with other strict rules you abandon with delight?

If you insist on resisting a wave of support for a man and another man's right to report a civil certificate of unification, then you deserve the full ramifications of a decision built upon ancient traditions which considers divorce the highest abomination.

So deal with your bitchy wives and your unfaithful husbands because you have agreed to a lifelong sentence. And for someone so afraid of homosexual empowerment, you sure like to sodomize their right to fulfillment in choosing the partners that they plan to betroth, regardless of the genitals or the combos that arose.

As I stand here at the justice with the world as our witness, and by the power invested in me by the state of the public, I now pronounce you all: homophobic pricks.
Track Name: This is a War, This is a War on Drugs. See the Difference?
Severed heads and bloodied children; crumbled buildings and cities ruined.

Prisons filled with non-violent offenders while federal dollars fund cartels employing vicious murderers.

This is a war, this is a war on drugs. See the difference?
This is a war, this is a war on drugs.

If you can die for your country, gamble your savings, and vote for the leader of the entire "free" world...if you can register a weapon of mass destruction and smoke cigarettes until your lungs implode...if you can fuck anyone over the age of 18 you should be able to do cocaine, and alcohol and opium and crystal meth and mescaline and peyote and marijuana and ecstasy and heroin and LSD and PCP and DMT and GHB and whatever else your heart concedes is the vice of choice that makes you pleased.
Track Name: Coathanger Alternatives
Let's begin on a truth that we all can agree: nobody of a sane mind wants to kill a baby. But your "scientific calculations" from questionable sources demand you preach a position that goes something like this:

Conception can occur 2 weeks before sex, which you didn't want to teach kids about, and you don't want to recommend services which make it 99% safer and you don't want to allow surgery to remove a simple cellular mistake. But when all is said and done, and the baby has arrived, you couldn't give a shit about it for the rest of its life - the mother's on her own without help from the government, who for all intents and purposes forced her to have it.

Yeh that makes sense! Let's just keep procreating and filling the earth with children we don't need.
Track Name: Hotbox the Ozone
Chemical plants and smokestacks
Acid rain and greenhouse gases
10 large sea vessels polluting more than 530 million vehicle asses

Let it rain fire from the skies; solar flares to melt the epidermis off our polluting hands to force humanity to understand,our carbon footprints marking the paths to soot-filled urban decay - blackened monuments of industrial progress stained by lack of a way to self-sustain, to co-exist, to accept our roles as mere residents.

And if we fail, then we deserve to burn.
Track Name: Ameritheism (Part II)
We've become a fourth world nation breeding a Fourth Reich of damnation. Across a global dominion, we stain the landscapes of foreign lands like the blackened tar that powers ours and
we ride on angels' wings to proclaim democracy to all the unwashed masses of ignorant terrorist fascists who dare to disagree with 13 stripes and rows of 50 stars, which represent our loyalty to a system of god-fearing elites destined to lead us forward full-steam into the 19th century.

Take Heed!!!